The Worried Writer Episode#59: 2020 Writing Goals

This month is a ‘just me’ episode in which I chat about my writing and publishing goals for 2020.

The full rundown of my goals is available in a separate article here. Please feel free to head over and add your own to the comments section!


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2 thoughts to “The Worried Writer Episode#59: 2020 Writing Goals”

  1. Thanks for encouraging us to add our own 2020 goals for accountability. I felt it would be appropriate to come up with 20 for this special year (little bit geeky I know). However, don’t worry, I’ll only post my top five writing related ones here.

    Firstly, carry out half a dozen free story workshops in local hospices.
    Secondly, I just want to find two families with life limiting conditions, who want me to write personalised children’s books to preserve their memories in a unique literature legacy.
    Thirdly, make an appearance on three podcasts about writing.
    Fourthly, financially to earn enough that I can employ someone to help with my bespoke book business workload. I only thought of this after listening to your podcast. You mentioned this was yours in relation to working together with your husband.
    Finally, I’m not sure if it’s too ambitious, to hope that my first book Postpixie Missing in Action might become a best seller by the end of the year. Can you advise on a more realistic sales target? I’ve really no idea for this… is setting a selling target of 100 books better… as in more achievable… perhaps?

    1. Thanks for sharing your goals, Gillian, and very best of luck with them! I love your first goal (the story workshops in hospices); that sounds wonderful. With regard to the ‘bestselling’ goal for the end of the year, I would define that further. Do you mean ‘bestselling on Amazon in a small category’ or ‘number one in a category’ or something else? Getting top ten in a small category on Amazon is very doable with regard to sales numbers (although it varies from category to category, so I can’t give an exact sales number to hit it), but you will need a plan to make it happen (marketing/ads/promotions). Best wishes, Sarah

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