I am not a doctor. Or a psychologist. Or a trained therapist.

I provide advice, tips and support, based on my own experiences as a worried writer (and human being).

When I use words such as ‘anxiety’, I am speaking in terms of ‘ordinary’ emotion, not the medical diagnosis.*
If you have any concerns about your mental health, I urge you to consult your GP/healthcare provider. Please do not continue to suffer alone. 



*Except when I’m not, and then I will make that definition clear. I, sadly, have enough personal experience in this area to know the difference (at least, as it applies to me) and I am sharing my experience in the spirit of openness, not offering professional advice.

Also, a word on affiliate links…

Running the podcast and website costs money and I attempt to offset some of this by using affiliate links for the books and products which are recommended (both by myself and my interviewees). 

I will never recommend something personally unless I have genuinely loved it/found it useful. 



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