I’ve been obsessed with the craft and business of writing for many years and have read countless books on the subject. Here are my top picks; I hope you find them as useful as I have.

Also, I’m also happy to receive recommendations, so please leave me a comment (or drop me an email) if there is a book or resource that you think I should check out. Thanks!

Writing Craft:

On Writing by Stephen King

I think this wins out as the most-recommended book by authors on the podcast! It’s a wonderful memoir and a practical writing guide and the book I credit with helping me to finish my first novel.

Another often-recommended book is Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat! 

Recently, Jessica Brody has taken the Save The Cat framework and applied it directly to writing novels. Full disclosure – I’m only halfway through reading, but I already think it’s brilliant, so it’s on the list!

Save The Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody


Write Your Novel From The Middle by James Scott Bell

Stealing Hollywood: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors by Alexandra Sokoloff


Overcoming Fear:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Courage To Write by Ralph Keyes

Stop Worrying; Start Writing by Sarah Painter

The Successful Author Mindset by Joanna Penn

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott





Business and Productivity:

Business for Authors by Joanna Penn

The Indie Author Mindset by Adam Croft

Fool Proof Dictation by Christopher Downing

Deep Work by Cal Newport






Creating a Podcast

I started my podcast three years ago and still use the same set-up – there may be better ways of doing things, now, but I followed the advice of internet entrepreneur Pat Flynn and, as always, Joanna Penn!

I use Amazon storage services to host my podcast files. You only pay for what you use so it’s very cost-effective.

Blubrry for statistics

Auphonic for levelling sound

ECAMM call recording software for recording interviews over Skype

A decent microphone is really important.

I went for a RODE NT-USB microphone as it came with everything I needed (desk-stand and pop guard).

I have since upgraded to a boom-stand, but the desk stand does the job and the microphone is unbelievably easy to set-up and use.




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