Five Tools To Help You Smash Your Writing Goals This Year

It’s the time of year for goal setting and making resolutions. See mine here!

But when it comes to the next twelve months, how do we stay on track? How do we make sure we achieve our writing goals and are punching the air in triumph on December 31st?

Paperchase organiserHere are my top five tools for exactly that:

1. Schedule your time!

It’s not enough to say ‘I will write for an hour every day’ you need to put that hour in your diary. I use a paper diary (an organiser from Paperchase) but you can use Google Calendar or your favourite app. Whatever you are comfortable with and, ideally, already use for your other important appointments.






2. Tool-up With Scrivener

If you don’t already use it (or have tried it in the past and found it overwhelming), I recommend you give Scrivener another try. It really is brilliant for organising novels and long non-fiction projects and, even if you use it the most basic manner (as I do!) it is worth it for the project-targets and ‘writing-only’ screen modes.

Speaking as someone who tried – and failed – in her first few attempts at using Scrivener, I recommend getting a book as a guide. I used Writing A Novel With Scrivener by David Hewson but Scrivener Essentials: A Quick-Start Visual Guide (recommended by my lovely dad) is even better – especially for visual learners. It comes in both a Mac and PC version, too, so it matches the version of the software exactly.

3. Eliminate distractions

Switch off the internet (or certain sites such as Twitter and Facebook) for set periods of time using this brilliant, free Chrome add-on – StayFocusd. Freedom is also good (although it isn’t free, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee).

I’ve recommended these apps on the podcast before but they really do help. Another tip is to try wearing noise-cancelling headphones (with or without music/nature sounds).

4. Reward Yourself Regularly

Stickers are brilliant as small rewards (especially for the stationery-obsessed) but small breaks to check email/Twitter or read a book, put on a song and dance around the room, have a cup of tea or some food (maybe go for something healthy, at least some of the time!), are all good, too.

5. Find Your Tribe

Find a community of like-minded writers by checking Facebook groups, writing forums, or local groups. Reading writing websites and books and listening to podcasts can help, too; anything which makes you feel less alone/bonkers for pursuing the often-frustrating, devilishly-difficult skill of writing!

Hope those tips are helpful! 

Do let me know in the comments and feel free to share tips of your own.

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4 thoughts to “Five Tools To Help You Smash Your Writing Goals This Year”

  1. i’m a HUGE fan of giving myself stickers — channeling my inner 8 year old — and you’ve just reminded me that i haven’t been giving myself any, despite exceeding my daily word-count goal (i’m aiming low for now 😉 – but still, definitely sticker-worthy).

    (hopefully) without sounding like a gushing fan-girl — i recently emerged from a weeks-long binge-reading session, having succumbed to a post-holiday fug requiring retreat into a book-fort, accompanied by copious amounts of tea — and it was the back-to-back gobbling of your three lovely books that has (finally!) lit the fire under my backside required to get me writing again…after a long – but evidently necessary – fallow-period. your wonderful stories, along with your brilliant podcast (and those of our mutual shero, Joanna Penn) have prodded me firmly back on track and i’m so very grateful.


    1. I can’t thank you enough for that lovely comment, Melanie – I am so grateful! I am so glad you enjoyed my books and THANK YOU for reading. I’m so glad you are getting back to your writing (and that you share my love of stickers!) – I’m cheering you on! x

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