Episode #06 The Worried Writer: Lani Diane Rich ‘Claim Your Awesome!’

ww_ep6_lani_imageJoin me for an energising chat with New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, podcaster extraordinaire, and inspirational writing teacher, Lani Diane Rich.

Lani writes funny romantic books and, under the pen name Lucy March, magical contemporary fiction. She has eleven books published and runs a creative business helping other writers, Storywonk, with her husband Alastair Stephens.

forloveormoneyFind out more about Lani at www.lanidianerich.com or visit www.storywonk.com

Or, find Lani on Twitter: @LaniDianeRich or @storywonk

Lani’s next book (as Lucy March) is out in December 2015. It’s the third the Nodaway Falls series: For Love or Magic (Nodaway Falls)

Also, I highly recommend the Storywonk podcasts. Head here for the full list!

We discuss:

Lani’s process – she has periods of creation, editing and so on throughout the year, rather than focusing on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Lani writes in three basic phases: Discovery phase (soundtracks, staring out the window, collages etc), drafting phase – where she tries to write 2000 words a day, and revision.

Lani says the revision phase is where: ‘I take all my understanding of story and structure and apply it to the hot mess’.

We talk about how the process can vary from book to book. Lani says:

‘I do what the book asks of me, if I have to get up and write at midnight, I get up to write at midnight.’

Lani talks about the importance of giving yourself permission for a ‘full and rich discovery phase’.

To stay productive and creative over time, Lani suggests writing every day (something small and fun – something which reminds you what you love about writing), and engaging with narrative every day in a way which is enriching and inspiring to you (this can be good television or film, video games, graphic novels, as well as novels).

And don’t miss Lani’s brilliant ‘Claim Your Awesome’ speech!


In the first section of the show, I talk about how useful I’ve found keeping a simple and regular routine. I first heard about this concept (as it applies to creativity) in Murakami’s excellent book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.



TheGardenOfMagicIn other news, I was thrilled to be listed as one of Jodi Gibson’s ‘Five Essential Podcasts for Writers’. Thanks, Jodi!

And, on a personal note, I shouted about my new novella The Garden of Magic, which is out on 14th August 2015, and my super-exciting (to me!) book deal news.

For more details, head to my author site.



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5 thoughts to “Episode #06 The Worried Writer: Lani Diane Rich ‘Claim Your Awesome!’”

  1. This was truly inspirational – I totally agree with you, I want that section of Lani’s Claim Your Awesome speech on my phone on loop! Thanks for bringing us this wonderful interview, and all the other inspiring guests as well.
    Also, thank you for sharing your experiences with keeping a regular routine. I have been trying this but – as my flexible day-job working hours are often dependent on the weather – I haven’t been succeeding in establishing a regular writing routine. I can see though that I’ve been making that a bit of an excuse – there are certainly places where I could start to make small adjustments and create regularity.
    Thanks for a great podcast!

    1. Thank you, Marie, I really appreciate your kind words! I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcast. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement, or questions you’d like answered on the show. Good luck with establishing a writing routine – small adjustments are definitely the way to start! Do pop back (or send me a message) – I’d love to know how you get on. Best wishes, Sarah

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