Episode #03 The Worried Writer: A Conversation with Julie Cohen

ww_episode3_shownotesimageThis episode includes a conversation with Julie Cohen, creative writing tutor and author of twenty books including Dear Thing and Where Love Lies.

For more information on Julie and her books, head to

www.julie-cohen.com  or follow her on Twitter @julie_cohen

I had so much fun chatting to Julie and we cover knitted owls, suckage, staying creative over the long-term and the importance of failure.

Books recommended:

Julie and I both love The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes

Software/tools recommended:

A kitchen timer. Any type will do! You can use the timer function on your phone, of course, but that’s more likely to lead to distraction…

Freedom I’ve been using this internet-blocking software for ages and it’s great! It’s only $10 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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I’ll answer it on the show and credit you (unless, of course, you ask to remain anonymous).

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7 thoughts to “Episode #03 The Worried Writer: A Conversation with Julie Cohen”

  1. Hi, great podcast! My question is – how ‘sucky’ CAN a book be when you send it in?!

    1. Hi Maggie – thanks so much for listening and commenting! Thanks, too, for the great question: Would you mind if I answered it in the next episode of the show?

  2. I’ve just found you Sarah!
    Thank you for your podcast.
    Your voice, your pitch and pace of speaking is easy to listen to. You share your experience and knowledge in an endearing way.
    I am a fellow Scotlander, despite living in the U.S. most of my life.
    I write personal essays and as my life is progressing, poetry which has led to two self-published volumes of about 60 pages with pictures of my home and local scenery. I live in Bedford, Virginia, USA.
    I am my best self when writing. I love feeling that quiet joy and peace. I miss it when I am in a lull.
    I’ve been listening in no particular order as far as dates are concerned and I am enjoying immensely.
    Thank you, Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for listening – and for your kind words! I am really glad you have discovered the joy of writing; I definitely feel better (calmer and happier) when I am writing regularly. Very best wishes, Sarah

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