The Life-Changing Magic of Finishing Your Book

A comment popped up recently and, after replying, I found it was still rattling around in my mind. I know it’s something that many of us struggle with, so I thought I would discuss it here:

Hi I am a new and yes very worried writer, so am thrilled to have found your podcasts. I have started several novels, but never finished them, I’m hoping that I will get inspiration and hints and tips to finish one. Looking forward to listening to the other podcasts. Debs

First off, a big thank you to Debs for listening and leaving such a great comment.

Reading this took me right back to where I was stuck for a very long time… Throughout my teens and twenties, I dreamed of writing fiction: I thought about writing, I talked about writing and I read endless advice books and blogs about writing. I was looking for the secret. The magic ingredient that would enable me to write a book.

I started stories. I would write an opening paragraph or scene and just run out of steam. Occasionally, I would manage a few chapters, but I never knew what came next so I stopped. Until the next character or opening line or bit of dialogue would pop into my head and I’d write it down, only to get stuck again.

Behind all of this stopping was fear. I was scared that I couldn’t do it and so I never forced myself past the initial spark of an idea.

Also, I was making a crucial mistake: I thought that feeling stuck meant that the initial idea was no good.

What I didn’t realise was that feeling stuck as a writer is completely and utterly normal: It’s part of the gig! 

That having ‘no idea what happens next’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep on trying. That, essentially, writing a book is hard graft, not divine inspiration.

Also, I hadn’t realised that nested inside my surface fears (of writing rubbish and not having enough ideas to fill a book) were deeper worries about finishing. If I finished, I would have to take the next step and actually show it to somebody else – argh!

Ultimately, I was terrified that if I did finish a book and it sucked, then I would have confirmation that I was a terrible writer and would never be an author.

It felt safer to dream of ‘being a writer on day’ rather than risk exposing my lack of ideas and talent through actually trying.

So, just in case you are where I used to be (or you are Debs – hi Debs!) I’m going to reveal to you the big secret about writing novels.

The reason you are finding it hard to finish your novel is because it is SUPER HARD TO DO.

But, here is the big secret… All you have to do is slog through this first one.

It doesn’t have to be good.

There is one rule: If you get to the end, you have succeeded.

If it sucks (and, fair warning, it probably will) that doesn’t matter. Every single author you have ever loved sucked when they started writing. Just think of it as a necessary stage.

And here is the best part – the magic lies in the act of finishing. Once you have finished that first book, I promise it will transform your writing life.

You might choose not to finish projects in the future, but you will carry with you the knowledge that you ARE capable of finishing them and that makes all the difference in the world.

So, having explained why I think finishing your book is so gosh-darned important, here are a few tips to help you get from beginning to end (or middle to end):

  • Don’t focus on the writing. Focus on the act of doing the work, not the writing you are producing.
  • Make finishing your book (no matter what) your one and only goal.
  • Break the goal into manageable steps and add a deadline.

Happily enough, there is a group writing challenge starting next week which will help you with all of these tips. It’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and it starts on 1st November. You can sign up (free) here.

Or, you can set your own version of the challenge… Remember – the only thing that matters is getting to the finish line, not how you run the race.

Also, if you prefer your cheer-leading in book-form and liked this post, why not try my guide? It’s packed with tips and advice to help you start (and finish!) your book:

Stop Worrying; Start Writing: How To Overcome Fear, Self-Doubt and Procrastination.









Thanks for reading!

Are you struggling to finish your book or have you got a tip you want to pass on?

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6 thoughts to “The Life-Changing Magic of Finishing Your Book”

  1. Hi Sarah, it’s Debs here!
    Thank you so much for following up on my comment, there are some great tips here.
    I am still worried, but am slogging away. What to have said completely resonates with me, I hadn’t realised it was fear based but makes perfect sense.
    I love the idea of the goals and a deadline, although like to set myself a commitment rather than a goal. It’s probably just a mind thing, but I feel that if I commit to something I will make sure I achieve it. Whereas a goal feels like a guideline and doesn’t matter if it’s not reached fully.
    So, after reafing your post, I have committed to NaNoWriMo this year as a way to finish one book, just for me and not to be read by anyone else (unless it’s okay of course).
    Thanks again, and happy writing everyone.
    Debs xx

  2. I need to finish my novel, I started the thing back in November 2011, and yes, it was a NaNoWriMo project.
    I’ve been rewriting it on and off for years, but recently decided that I’m going to do it! I got myself a mentor and we talked about motivation and starting stuff and more importantly finishing what you start.

    I know i’ve been procrastinating, and saying stuff like, ‘what if this happens and what if that doesn’t work’, and your post resonates with me. Perhaps it is fear. Fear of finishing what I started, because then something else has to happen, another ball starts rolling!

    I’ll take onboard your tips and hope that I can pop back in July 2018 and tell you I’ve finished my book.

    1. I’m so glad the post resonated, Maria. Finishing any novel (but especially your first one) is SO HARD and, I believe, utterly fraught with fear. Be kind to yourself but definitely get it finished. Finishing is *all* that matters. Good luck and keep us posted! x

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I have just found you through Mslexia and love what you have said here. I am wasting so much time just blogging, and reading and thinking about what I’m going to write about next that I never really make the first move to start on one of the books which is buzzing around up in my brain. I am the eternal procrastinator!
    I think I’ll go and order your book right now. I need a bit of a kick up the derrière.

    1. Hi Juliet – lovely to meet you. I used to have a serious problem with procrastination so I truly empathise. For me, a lot of it came down to fear (hence the Worried Writer!), but working out your own reasons and then trying some techniques and strategies (rather than just beating yourself up for procrastinating!) really will work – I promise! Good luck! x

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